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Review: Um ônibus do tamanho do mundo por J.M.Simmel

Name: Um ônibus do tamanho do mundo
Pages: 104
Publisher: Nova Fronteira
Author: J.M. Simmel
Genre: Infanto-Juvenil
Rating: 55555

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I finished this book yesterday and I appreciated it a lot and I think every kid should read it. It's a book full of learnings!

This book will tell the story of 19 german children, they will travel to a warm-lovely hotel in another city by a red bus together with Miss.Bete - the responsible for the kids. While driving, Miss.Bete decides to make a stop, so the kids can stretch their legs, Lúcia - a little girl who decided to take her goat in the travel - when they need to go outside the bus she leaves it inside, so it won't try to escape, but Raimundo - an annoying and stubborn boy - decides to open the bus' door and leave the goat flees out. As if it wasn't enough to disturb the whole travel, two avalanches fall, leaving the bus stuck in the road. But how will these kids manage to go to the hotel? And the worst, there is Carlinhos - a boy who is extremely sick and possibily with diphtheria. -
I think every kid should read this book because it talks about the work in partnership, taking hard decisions, helping each other, getting more mature and thinking about people around you. It's a book full of learnings and I bet any kid will never forget them, they will take them for the rest of their lives. Since I'm not a kid, it didn't happen to me, but I'm sure that if I were a kid reading this book a long time ago it would be completely different :).

We see during the story the children helping Carlinhos, voting to decide who will be their lead (they will need a lead later in the story, but I won't say why otherwise it would be a spoiler), what is really important for a kid to learn from early the importance of voting, the importance of choosing the right person who will take future though decisions and nevertheless, we see the importance of dividing your stuff, dividing food to help others. It's an adorable story, seriously. I think even adults can put away a few important learnings from this book, it's a super fast and entertaining reading with adorable characters, it wasn't a book that made me eager to finish, but still a good reading that will be mainly enjoyed by many.

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